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About Allegra

Allegra De Leucio (1999) is a young emerging artist from Melbourne.

“Although it is vulnerable telling my story, it is important because it has given me the opportunity to become the artist I am today, and it is the most priceless thing I have. I want to share my artwork, in hopes it will reach other people suffering chronic illnesses or going through hardship and inspire them to pursue their dreams and create a rich meaningful life”

Allegra creates fine artworks utilising her skills in painting, drawing, photography and digital mixed media. Allegra’s works focus on her personal journey through chronic illness and hardship, and reflect human emotions, how she feels about being a woman exploring the female form, and the lush Australian landscape she grew up in. She creates contemporary art that is very personal in nature. Central to Allegra’s work is finding a rich, meaningful life within ‘limitations’.

Allegra’s art style is vibrantly expressionistic, filled with layers of colour, texture and rich emotional qualities. Her constant love for learning and experimenting with new mediums and visual effects has led her in many artistic directions, all unique and personal to her self-expression. She is driven to constantly inspire and find beauty and acceptance, even through hardship.

As part of Allegra’s passion for contemporary design, interior design and architecture, she creates custom commission artworks for homes and businesses. She is also working as the in-house artist for Stylepoint, who specialises in interior styling and design.

As a proud young woman, Allegra is inspired by the natural beauty of the body in its naked form where there is no mask or pretence.

“The female form is vulnerable and raw, is truthful, beautiful and authentic. It is an immediate and accessible way to document inner emotions freely such as hopes and dreams, frustrations and grief, beauty and affirming self worth.”

Portraiture, especially self-portraiture, is an important part of Allegra’s practice. She brings into her portraits strong emotional qualities inspired by the many emotions and feelings which she experienced, and many of us experience in our lifetime. 

Through paintings, abstracts and digital works with layers of mixed media including photography, paintings and drawings, she shares thoughtful, impactful and passionate images with the world. Allegra’s hope is it will inspire young people, especially those suffering chronic illness, to find a rich and meaningful life within ‘limitation’. Chronic illness and hardship has both altered and strengthened her art, bringing thoughtful clarity, authenticity and insight beyond her years.

“Dealing with daily pain, I have been forced to take a step back and live my life differently. In self-portraiture the word ‘sitter’ is loaded with meaning for me, as someone who has to rest and stay still for long periods of time. As both the ‘sitter’ and the ‘artist’ I try to capture the ambiguity of my visible and invisible experience. Capturing the face where there is no mask or pretence, I am interested in how those two interchanging roles and perspectives develop with each new work.”

Allegra has a strong passion for new ideas, mathematics and psychological sciences. She takes her time to analyse and imagine the world from a fresh perspective, having been forced to take a step back and re-frame her view of society.